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[POST-EVENT] This page contains information about Eth0@Har2009


Rudy de bouwinspecteur.jpg

We've got a gazebo! It will be used as a colo on HAR. You can talk to people involved with this in #har-dc on


Gazebo that will become the colo. It even has a floor, and windows! It is stored in BadBoeli's garage box. It has between 7 and 9 sides, size is about 3-3.5 meters in diameter (we didn't measure, just a guess/assumption).


We will need one or two people who will manage the colo. That means they have the key, can be called for colo-business and will overlook placement of equipment in the colo. Spider maakt een rooster, aanmelden graag ook even bij haar doen.

Since the Thuinhuisje will also house some hardware not belonging to eth0/mononoke, we need some way of contacting (dect-phone who will travel with the manager on duty), registry (who's hardware is it) and publication (HAR-project). Any ideas? And who wants to take care of this stuff?

R3boot We can do this with racktables(.org). This tool has rack/host/customer registration modules and fits the purpose just fine. We will need to create some forms which ppl can fill in and have us do less work.


Wie wil er woensdagochtend dienst draaien?

Day/Time 7.00 - 9.00 9.00-11.00 11.00-13.00 13.00-15.00 15.00-17.00 17.00-19.00 19.00-21.00 21.00-23.00 23.00-1.00 1.00-7.00 - night
wo 12 Aug VeXocide Vexocide VeXocide Mishmash Mishmash Mishmash zarya
do 13 Aug Thyrif Thyrif Thyrif Fugu Fugu Fugu Aetab Aetab Aetab R3boot
vr 14 Aug Mishmash Mishmash Mishmash Failbaitr Failbaitr Failbaitr Failbaitr Fugu Fugu R3boot
za 15 Aug VeXocide VeXocide VeXocide Thyrif Thyrif Thyrif Mishmash Mishmash Mishmash Aetab
zo 16 Aug Thyrif Thyrif Thyrif Fugu Fugu Fugu Mishmash Mishmash Mishmash Zarya

Contact Information

The On-Duty Engineer can be reached at the 24/4 DECT phone COLO (2656). For this, an account at has been created. Account details are available with Thyrif.

Thyrif has a space DECT phone for use by the On-Duty Engineer. Can be charged at Thyrif's desk in the eth0-tent. Thyrif has also registered the DECT phone number COLO (2656) for this purpose. Thyrif will register his phone on HAR.

Communication can be done via a mailing list (moderated).



 Wie betaald er mee aan the lock
 Zarya Max 10 euro (paid 29072009 1900)
 MishMash 15 euro (paid)
 pluisje 10 euro (paid)
 Thyrif 10 euro (paid)
 r3boot 10 euro (paid)
 failbaitr 10 euro (paid)
 Fugu 10 euro (paid)

Magneetslot is besteld. Totale kosten zijn 77 euro. Gelieve je donaties over te maken naar: J. Both;; Rabobank te IJmuiden

  • Secure windows kist voor access control software

Additional security

  • Fluffy white rabbit for guarding the front gate
  • [HHG] for bypassing security in case of emergency


We would like to have it finished by the end of the weekend before HAR. Which means building on the 8th, setting up DC-features on the 9th.

  • Gazebo
    • The Gazebo will be picked up by the Mercedes Sprinter (by HAR-logistics)
  • Racks (no pun intended)
    • MishMash may be able to get the racks from r3boot's place (8th or 9th?) (r3boot, do you need to be there?)

Transportation is scheduled for the 7th, somewhere around 11:00, should arive @ har around 14:00 (pickup for blade servers and 1u nodes around that time aswel).

Building / Setting up at HAR


Some poles will be set in the ground for elevation and solid-ness. The walls will be secured to the poles with screws. The walls are numbered and marked so that we can easily sort the wall pieces out on site. The bottom part of the walls will be elevated off the ground, so we will fill the gap with slightly slanted plywood and tarps.

The walls are about 2m high, the bottom boards are rotten (14cm) and the floor is about 10cm off the ground. R3boot wanted the walls to be around 2m50 so the walls need to be raised around 75cm. That means the bottom boards should be around 85cm off the ground, and 75cm above the floor.

If we want the poles to stick around 30cm to 50cm in the ground, and still keep the possibility of not being allowed to secure them in the ground, plus securing most of the boards of the walls we need poles of between 2m and 2m50. 2m50 should be nice because we can either secure all the board or most of them when secured in the ground. The thickness doesn't really matter, as long as it is thick enough (5cmx5cm should be enough)

The floor is a pressed-wood tangram puzzle that can be secured together with some beams on the bottom-side with nails.

The roof is made up out of eight pizza slices that are made out of two pieces each. These can be secured with bolts in the green set-pieces that can also be attached to the wall's corners. The roof is covered in tar-plates or something, and it has an iron cap to place on top. For extra waterproof-ness we would like to secure another tarp over the entire roof.


The inside will be divided into two parts, cold and hot, separated by the racks. A mobile airco will cool the air in front which will cool the server and end up in the hot side, there we can open a window and let the hot air out. Maybe we can even make the hot-zone in a corner so we have more walk space in the cold-zone. The space around the racks may disrupt our hot/cold-zone principle, so we may have to hang some tarps like curtains to stop the hot-zone air from coming back to the cold-zone. Or, if the insulation on the walls (just some tarps) works well enough, we may be able to keep it cold inside the entire Gazebo and keep all the air inside.



Who can participate in building up the Gazebo at HAR? When will we build it? The building will take about 8 hours with two to four people.

Then the Gazebo needs to be set up for colo use. This includes insolation, cooling, airflow, racks, etc.

Who can participate in setting up the Gazebo for colo use?

  • Mishmash Will bring sledgehammer for taking it down!
  • Thyrif
  • Fugu same condition as the previous if it occurs on the weekend before i'm there.
  • Aequitas - won't help breaking it down again though.

Building materials

In order to set the Gazebo up as a colo, we'll need some stuff to make that happen.

Building materials

  • Long poles to stick in the ground and allow us to raise the Gazebo a bit
  • Since the bottom part of the walls were slightly rotten and we might be raising the gazebo a bit, we need some stuff to close it up (bricks, wooden boards, canvas?)
  • We need to make exhausts for the hot air to go out somewhere, maybe rearrange the walls so that at least one window is on the hot side?
  • White paint!

Insolation and waterproof-ness

  • Tarps (can be used for insolation/waterproof-ness as well as seperating the cold and hot sides?) (need a lot)
    • Fail brings a large water proof tarp (5x5)


Server stuff

  • Racks
    • r3boot has racks, they need to be picked up in Amersfoort (see Transportation)
  • KVM?
    • We can pickup a 16 port KVM near Amersfoort for free with 6 cabels. If you are able to do so please contact (Bad_Boeli)

Other stuff

  • We will need a lock of some sort
    • Fugu has a SKG** cilinder at home, so if it can house a standard lock cilinder I can bring it, i'll look around over here probably some padlocks around somewhere...
      • I think it has one now, so we could change it. But I'm not sure whether the door will close neatly. Maybe a padlock of some sort might be better?
    • There is a electric lock some were, and i think i can arrange for one as wel
  • 1 DECT phone; for the colo-manager on duty
    • Thyrif has an extra, can be charged on the station at Thyrif's desk in the eth0-computer-boogtent


  • Hammers
  • Nails
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Some extra screws
  • Wrenches (including size 10)
    • Thyrif has some sort of stuff, will bring it, but we may need more
    • There are tools in the Magirus Deutz of BoelensBad_Boeli as well.
  • Grounddrill; human powered
    • Thyrif has one, can probably bring it
  • Ducttape
  • Lots of rope for the tarps
  • White paint
  • Fugu will bring his toolbox, includes a.o., hammer, electric screwdriver, wrenches, socket wrench set, screwdrivers, etc.
  • MishMash Will also bring toolbox, includes everything!

The network

We've been lended a Foundry BigIron 4k, which will have its own 10G uplink. This will be connected something like below: Porta-dc-network.png The network will be built up in the same way as all the other datenklo's. We'll have our own /23, which has DHCP and RFC2322 support.

The Monitoring

A special rig will be built which will have nagios/zabbix/weathermap/racktables/etc on it, coupled with notification systems (sms / sip / email / irc / whatever is feasible). This will keep an eye out on our infrastructure

The registration

Everything that goes into the Gazebo will be registered. Hosts in the Gazebo *need* to have a static ip address, to prevent people from walking in/out too much to hookup monitors and find their ip addresses

The CrashCart

We need something that people can use to get a console to their boxen.


  • Maybe a shelf with a simple 14" TFT, keyboard & mouse? Extend the cables and you're good to go..

What goes in the Gazebo

There will probably fit 2 or three racks in there (if we suspend it high enough, should need only a few cm's) and there might be requests for non-rack hardware. You can ad your hardware here, and there will probably be more people at HAR interested in some rackspace. (wasn't the plan to make it available for other people as well?, sure why not, might make a few bucks to cover the costs)

  • BigIron 4000


  • Has two shelves for the following stuff:
    • Storage Server, AMD crap with 3TB in it. (desktop machine)
    • Access control server (desktop machine)


  • Storage Server, 5U, rack mountable
  • HP P-Class chassis met 8 x BL20G G3 blades, 6U, rack mountable
  • 2 x 19" shelf, which can be used to put non-rackable machines on


  • 2u, quad opteron, rack mountable (shelf)
  • 9x 1u dual opteron (maze's search engine / underdark), rack mountable (sliders)
  • 1u dual opteron, uplink firewall, rack mountable (sliders)
  • 3u Quad opteron sun v40z, rack mountable (shelf)


  • 1 Asus eee PC 701 with one 320 GB USB disk, shelf mountable :-)