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Talk:Eth0:2008 Summer/Pricing

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price way to high

200 euro's is just way to expensive for 7 days..

People won't come if you are asking these kinds of fee's

Campzone is 310 euro's for 11 days.. And they have been running this party for years now, so they have a good reputation with their visitors.. This is a totally new event.

Ofcourse I'm well aware of the fact that these parties aren't cheap, but where did the times go when we paid 150 hfl for a party ;) (Oh wan99 the fond memories) :)

200 is just an indication, the goal is to make it less than that :) Chakotay 16:18, 17 January 2008 (CET)

I couln't find the text that says: "The price is 200 euro". The only thing i read is that the price is below 200 for the most expensive ticket, wich means (for as far i can understand English) the ticket won't be 200 euro's, but less.

Furthermore "most expensive ticket" implicates there are tickes that will cost only a certain percentage of the most expensive ticket (wich will be below 200, as said before). Dunno what tickets that will be though, but that wil show in time.

If my math is correct, 310 euro's for 11 days is about 197 euro's for 7 days, so this event will be cheaper than CZ :D Langhaar 19:20, 17 januari 2008 (CET)