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ok what do we got here:

  • lighting (field, tent, etc)
    • General field lights need to be available, Langhaar might be able to rent some large industrial high-voltage lights capable of replacing the evildaystar if need be.
  • Field mushrooms / distribution points
  • NOC / farmhouse separate feed?
    • Feeding the NOC from the groundlines available in the building is a plus. Rebooting all the servers, and repairing any broken Filesystems and databases is could be more work than the visitors might like to wait for after a general power failure. (jan klopper - 10-01-2008 9:30 CET)

Another good one is cascading the supplies somehow (fresh from #eth0-kroei ;-))

Anyone have any clue of what sort of consumption me might encounter ?

Dual Generator Setup

Why 2 generators, this is purely overkill.. A generator is not that cheap, and using 2 for this event is just too much. I know redundancy is nice, but you should also look at what is feasible. This is the first year this event is taking place, so don't expect a lot of visitors.

And 300 KVA is quite a lot, at the first NE2000 event we organised in 2000 we used a 200 KVA generator, which was running on like a 20% load with 160 people attending. At WAN NULL we also used a 200 KVA generator and there where some 400 people attending.

Running seperate power feeds from different sources is bad, concerning grounding and phase differences. If you do this, make sure there are no copper connections between them.. So if you decided to run a network on both sources, make sure only optical fibre is between these 2 areas.

How many people are you expecting ? Make sure you have several 32A 3PH outputs, as we are needing them as we come ;)

Greetings, Cliff Unilogic Networks


After reading your reply i must say that i agree with this.