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The idea is to have a self contained box that anyone can build, and change that can be setup on a field / in a building before anyone else comes in. Starts taking pictures trough any and all connected webcams/camera's and stores a timelapse on its storage media.

This box would stay online during the entire event and easily and without any extra steering needed create a nice timelapse video for every connected camera.


Software options

  • open source only? so every conference / organisation can build one themselves

Hardware options

  • non exotic stuff
  • laptop / atom / via mini-itx?
  • ups / batteries for power?

Wanna haves

  • Ultra low power option?
  • Wifi / lan uplink / rsync interface for an interface to see the timelapse/still image while the event is running

Available hardware

  • Failbaitr has a spare via eden mini-itx board 800mhz + 256mb ram