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Event Wintersport 2013
Name Wintersport 2013

When Jan 13 1337 13:37:00

* Location: Snow!


Failbaitr ski.jpg

Snowflakes will be dropping down in in 2012/2013, and it would be a waste not to be there to enjoy it.

So who will be coming along? Please fill in your name if your interested to come.

For the previous events look here Wintersport.


Expected expense

Based on earlier experiences, in Andorra, around 600 euro pp


Will-Do thinks that we should go in the 1th or 2nd week of March (1-9 or 8-16). this because Fosdem/stuff/Eth0 is until the 25th of February, so the time before that is already taken. This weeks there's okay weather and still good snow.

Take a look at the options/prices/km's/etc.


People who are joining are:

  • James
  • Brainsmoke
  • Will-Do
  • Failbaitr
  • Heleen
  • Tristan
  • Adriaan
  • Foobar (kan die dagen niet :( )

= 8 people


  • Failbaitr's Auris

Mission Statement(s)

Travel schedule

Pack list

  • Meisjes