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Event wintersport2017
Name wintersport2017
Contact Jack Frost
Duration 2017/02/10 - 2016/03/30
Information Skiiiiiiing!!!


Saturday 4th of March till the 11th.


1x 8 person apartment 1x 6 person apartment

Skiing area


Bedrooms / beds

Skibus stops near the house

[x] bedrooms, [x] double beds = [x] actual beds

+ [x] couches in livingroom

Who's joining

  1. Will-Do
  2. Failbaitr
  3. FooBar
  4. wollviech
  5. Attilla
  6. Brainsmoke
  7. James
  8. Heleen
  9. Martijn
  10. Tancaliel
  11. Fiona
  12. Mark - "My plan is to arrive late on the Monday"

Who's Maybe joining

  1. You?


Total costs of the apartments are € 6,397.75. We'll have to pay 3 eur a day per person tourist tax. This will be charged separately. With 12 people (estimate), the costs per person will be €534,-.

Since the total fee had to be prepaid (my mistake), earlier payment of the above amount is appreciated. If the number of people changes, we'll recalculate the costs. Bank details:

Attilla de Groot, NL40ABNA0605833516

  • travel = fuel x km's (It's about 900 km one-way, so ~2000km total including some local driving), guess about 250-300,- per car in fuel. Probably about 50 per car in tolls etc.
  • Food ~100e per week? We're normally cooking dinner together and eating out once this week, if we're doing fancy it can easily be made more expensive. Lunch can taken from the home, or be bought on the piste.
  • skipass a €269 (6 days) source:
  • On piste-food: between 10 and 20,- per day is to be expected


Available cars

Time when which can will be leaving from where