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Telecom Page

Team telecom will provide :

  • Full dect coverage on the field
  • Dect phones you can borrow. (bring your own batteries, specs will follow later)
  • A way to connect your own dect compatible phone to the network
  • A way to register your own uniq number
  • A way to connect your own SIP-capable devices to the network.
  • Optional: A way for external people on POTS to call people on the field.
  • Optional: A way for people on the field to call outside to POTS. (gido/psy are trying to get this sponsored, since it costs money ;) )

Team Phone

Who can/will help:

* user:Boelens
* user:psy
* gido-e

Stuff to find out

  • Do we have enough base stations to cover the terrain and number of phones?
  • Can we use the current hardware to bridge all the dect traffic to voip?
  • Answers to the questions on the page, marked in bold.

Hardware around

Siemems 150E PRO pbx

Shpro.jpg Cabinet.jpg


* CBMOD processorcard + CGM "Clock Module Generator"
* SLMO24 board S30810-Q2901-X for connection of 24 digital OPTISET/OPTIPOINT stations
* SLMO24 board S30810-Q2901-X for connection of 24 digital OPTISET/OPTIPOINT stations
* Cordless SLC16 CMI Card S30810-Q2922-X-0 for connection of 16 Base Stations Cordless V2.2
* SLA16N Analog Suscriber Interface (S30810-Q2929-X100) ,16 circuits /analog stations
* SLA16N Analog Suscriber Interface (S30810-Q2929-X100) ,16 circuits /analog stations
* STMD 8 isdn connections S0

Siemens 3550 pbx


* 8 x digital lines
* 4 x analog lines
* 1 x HXGM IP card
* 1 x 2 ISDN trunk card

Other hardware

  • 8 dect base stations 2/2 what brand/type of base stations? analog, isdn, propiertary stations? DECT / GAP
SIEMENS BS2/2 (S30807-H5471-X200): Up to eight calls can be made simultaneously with a connection via two UP0/E ports
  • patch rack Cisco
  • 2 x 50 port cat3 patch panels
  • 8 x cablu for 16 connections per cable
  • 12 x Siemens Hicom Digital phones. BASE STATIONS isdn
  • 1 x Patch rack for mounting patch pannels
  • 26 x Philips Dect set. analog, isdn, propiertary stations SLAVE stations for base station connection.
  • 180 x Siemens Dect sets analog, isdn, propiertary or voip base stations?NO voip. NO IDEA YES still at VEXOIDE place. \0/

Hardware needed

* HXGM2 card for Siemens Hicom PRO
* Expansion box for Siemens PRO
* Additional SLC16 cards for the PRO
* 4 x patch pannels cat3 for telephone.
* 10 x Cat3 cables 300 meters for base stations.
* Phone cables or cat 5 for phones. (Multi cable?)
* Battery packs for Siemens dect sets.
* Battery covers for Siemens dect sets.

Software projects

  • Software Programmers needed for statistics read out of central.
  • DB for users to sign up for phone nr.
  • PHP programmers wanting to program agains the serial interface.
  • Connect central data card to VOIP server(s).

What we can / will do on summer edition

  • Setup Dect / Gap/ Voip network coverage on the field.

Notes of Mr Boelens :)

(which system you're talking about? please move the info to the correct paragraph)

  • First access to system 11-02-2010
  • First 64 Ports have been patched.
  • YeP fist Base Station has green light. \0/ 12-02-2010
  • First call made with fixed phone 14-02-2010