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* Weird IR mouse ''NURDspace''
* Weird IR mouse ''NURDspace''
* PLA printed red-vs-blue Chess-set ''buZz''
* PLA printed red-vs-blue Chess-set ''buZz''
* Senseo machine for coffee

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Action-shot 2010

An idiopolis is a city of idiots, where weirdness, creativity, freaks, connectivity and the quality of life combine to create dynamic local madness.

In effect, idiopolis are cities where those who can choose where to hang out, choose to freak out.


Look for the cluster of party tents full of idiots..

Brief History

Ever since 1979 we have been working towards providing you with the utmost best in event experiences. This is our 2012 edition.


Hosted Projects

Very vague for now ...


  • IP-400 IP camera NURDspace
  • Seiko SLP-200 NURDspace
  • 1A 18650 Li+ charger NURDspace
  • Weird IR mouse NURDspace
  • PLA printed red-vs-blue Chess-set buZz
  • Senseo machine for coffee