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* {{present|PsychiC}} all the way
* {{present|PsychiC}} all the way
* {{present|Jojo}}
* {{present|Jojo}}
* {{present|CyBaH}} met beamer voor retro.
== See also ==
== See also ==

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Event eth0:2011 Winter
Name eth0:2011 Winter
Duration 2011/01/14 - 2011/01/16
Information Ethical hacking, socializing, retro, slacking and loungen

* Location: Panoven Zevenaar
* Open from: 18:00:00
* Ticket price: 42
* Sign-up page:

Eth0 2011-Winter flyer black.png
This event does not use golden tickets.

The 2011 winter event follows previous winter events; it's a light-conference; with workshops, great atmosphere, a lounge, and retro gaming.

We have room for up to 120 people, who can hack, slack, lounge, share, learn, tinker, code, etc. for 48 hours straight, on 3 separate days.


Sleeping arrangements and food (2 x breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are included in the ticket price.

  • @ De Panoven, Zevenaar
    (near Arnhem / Germany)
  • 14 jan 2011 - 16 jan 2011
  • 48 hours (18:00-18:00)
  • Price: € 42,=
    (incl. bedding & meals)
  • 120 tickets available

Check out the location.

In the media



  • EM Pinball Machine Restoration (door gmc)
  • Diggietally Getting Things Done (door diggie)
  • Hardware hacking?
  • html5, canvas / svg primer (Door Failbaitr)
  • DJ-en met digitaal vinyl (beatmixing, keys, omgaan met vinyls etc) +/- 4 personen ivm beschikbaarheid apparatuur (door Stitch)
  • VJ-en met PureData door Puik.
  • (tbd)

We zoeken nog workshops: Call for papers & workshops


Design & Lounge

Look at this awesome page Winter2011DesignIdeas


Basic foods are included in your ticket: 2x dinner, 2x lunch and 2x breakfast. The first dinner is served around 19.30.

At the bar its possible to get drinks (coke, mate, etc), broodje aetab (till 12:00) and fried foods. Prices are moderate, we tend to keep it low.

There are supermarkets nearby and you can bring your own drinks/foods if you want to. There are no public cooking facilities.

Also there will be a coffee bar at least on Saturday


Inspired by MAD

Retro will be themed with the evil organization MAD. We expect the highest ranking MAD coordinator to visit eth0:2011 winter with an escort of four goons. This event will be guaranteed Inspector-Gadget free.

There are about 6 to 8 playable consoles and probably we're going to build/reorganize our stash. Drawings etc are coming up. :)

Mr. Eth0 election

The price [sic]: one night of delicious mindblowing sex with the one and only gmc!! or chocolate-pepernoten

  • Jury: diggie, gmc, AngelM, Will-Do
  • Candidates: Thyrif, failbaitr, brainsmoke, pluisje, turiphro, Stitch
  • Rounds: swimsuit, evening wear, informal wear, talent show (computers not allowed, no peepshow)


If you want to help out; add your name and let your team members know.


Design Program Committee Logistics
Light Network
  • MishMash (as usual)
  • Elmer
First-Aid / Security
Retro Power
  • MrNGM
Core Coordinators
Bar/Foods Team Screwdriver
  • Pluisje

unassigned korte dingetjes volunteer

Your team?
  • You

Ill be there!!oneeleven

See also