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Eth0:2010 Summer Practical Information

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Route & Parking

The Route by car and public transport is readily available. More information on parking at the event will be made available as soon as plans are finalized.

Camping and Facilities

If you don't know what to bring, here is a short list of thing you can take with you. For a map of the terrain, check out Location & Terrain. For information about local stores, banks, hospitals & other facilities, see Facilities in the area

Toilets / Showers

There will be toilets and Hot showers available in the building which also houses the Lectures. Please do bring your own soap ;)


We are working on getting a catering service to the event, but have not yet reached an agreement with a willing party. You are free to use gas operated cookers or (non-electric) bbq's on the field to prepare food for yourself and/or friends.

There are no plans for an on-site grocery store, but there are plenty of stores with decent opening hours and stock in the surrounding area. Check out Wieringerwerf or Medemblik.

  • Toetanchamon Steakhouse en Pizzaria bezorgd op dit terein. Bezorgd van 17:00 tot 21:00


The power supply on site will be 230V (+6%/-10%) AC @ 50Hz, all of this comes from generators.

We'll be providing sockets that will accept standard north european plugs, better known as Schuko aka CEE 7/4. If your caravan/camper/car/spaceship has a lead with a 16A CEEform plug, please make sure to bring an adapter.

Please be considerate when hooking up power-hungry equipment such as coffee machines, microwaves, particle accelerators, etc. If you trip the fuse and cut your neighbour's power, they will likely not appreciate it much (nor would the power team).

Please bring around 20m or more of 3x2.5mm2 (rated 16A, 3-wire, grounded) cable to hook up to our distribution boxen.


For the wired network, please bring 20+ meters Cat5 cable (with RJ45 8p8c connectors on either end.. the regular stuff). Longer is better, as this allows you to live further away from distribution points.

There will of course also be wireless network available in the common flavors b/g and possibly a/n, which we'll inform you about when the network team has these things figured out.

This is information about the Eth0:2010 Summer Edition.