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Eth0:2010 Summer Terrain

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Eth0 will be held in the Wieringermeer, near the village of "Den Over" although the address would have you believe its nearer to "Wieringerwerf".



Field layout

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2010 Terrain overview...!

Main field will be divided in to 5 parts. 4 fields for the 'villages' 1 field for the Lounge and Bar and Retro tent . The Presentatios will be held in the building adjacent to the field ensuring a clear view on the beamer screens and far away from all the camp life. The 4 villages will be around and in the center of the field.

2 large towers will distribute wifi and fiber uplink around the fields.

Campers are parked on the grass, but will be grouped and should bring some sort of boards to put underneath their wheels while standing on the grass.

Fire place

There's a fireplace on the field next to the lounge and across the road from the Retro tent, experience tells us this is the place to be when that big yellow thing dips below the horizon. Not only do fires provide you with warmth, they also tend to bring out the best stories from those sitting around them.

Toilets and Showers

Toilets and showers are found in the main building. An extra toilet unit will be placed near the campsite for your convenience.


Just a few friendly reminders what it means to be on a campsite. With a link to the long text.

This is information about the Eth0:2010 Summer Edition.