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Services provided at the site are at the mercy of a number of teams. Each of these teams make sure you get what you're looking for. You're free to participate in any team, as long as you know what you're doing. Some teams are looking for more input than others, just take a look around. If you want to participate just drop a line.


A list of team names, activities (if not self-describing) and team contacts. If you want to help out, talk to team members and add your name.

add your own team - (refresh table)

Team Contact Short Description Needs you
AV Foobar Some help needed
Bar Nils
DesignSummer2010 Will-Do Much help needed
Finance Elmer Not needed now
First-Aid / Security Cinder Some help needed
Infohelpdesk $contact Much help needed
Light KingOfDos Much help needed
Logistics Aequitas Some help needed
Network MishMash Not needed now
Power Stoneshop Some help needed
Program/Lectures FooBar Not needed now
Radio/Stream Brenno ( Much help needed
Retro Stitch
Telecom {{{Contact}}} Not needed now
Traffic Thyrif Not needed now
Volunteers pluisje Much help needed


The lifeblood of any hacker party, read more about what Volunteers do, and how you can become a volunteer on its very own wiki page.

No idea yet, but I'll help with something

You guys should really really volunteer :-) [Elmer]

  • pluisje Zelfde als op HAR ws, overal rondrennen en helpen waar nodig meisjes likken :)
  • Stitch Bonus Catering; unhealthy food between your healthy foods, Musical-Terrorism
  • rd Stroom, Pannenkoeken, Cat5e Bondage... you name it...
  • Loupsay - Pannenkoeken, gekheid, paar dagen voor voorschijn en extra handjes geven met cat5e bondage, massages en andere sexy things
  • Youri Will be there, got bar experience + can do t-shirts, hoodies, posters, you name it ;)
  • Gmc not a lot in the preparation, but happy to help out at the event
  • Meier no plan
  • diggie would like to help in Village:Family and other areas
  • Dreamer blub blub, zei daar iemand pannenkoeken?
  • Tycho
  • GigaWalt making weird radio with Aldert and Brenno
This is information about the Eth0:2010 Summer Edition.

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