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FV at night == movie fun!

Family Village

The Family Village is intended for children of 0 to around 12 years old, and their parents. You can camp there, or play there during the day and camp elsewhere. All kids are welcome. The Family Village will be organized if there are enough kids and parents around to make it worth while to create a village.

We have a tent and some pillows we can use to make a kids lounge with. Maybe we can organize some toys and/or games, or your kids can bring their own. The Family Village will most probably be located pretty central, near the camp fire, the lounge and the retro-arcade. There is also a climbing-thing and some sand to play in, as well as access to the trees next to the field (for climbing etc.). This location will enable you to be relatively near to your kids when they sleep, and you sit at the camp fire, lounge, etc.

So, let's put up a list of ppl interested in having a Family Village below.


  • diggie + girlfriend + 2 daughters (ages 5 & almost 8) in camper-van full of meuk.
    (and self-appointed village manager)
  • You?

Birthday party at the Family Village

Events / Activities

There are lots of fun things to organise around the Family Village. We'll see what we like to do at the moment, depending on the ages of kids turning up at the village. Here are some ideas though:

  • pancake fest - diggie will bring a huge pan (around 50cm) to bake monster-sized pancakes in
  • hut building - we can build huts and tree houses in the forest next to the camp field, as long as we respect the trees and don't leave traces
  • drawing, play doh, tinkering - there's lots of stuff you can do this with
  • watch movies - Bring movies suitable for kids. Watch them. Simple.
  • search hunt across the camp site - Tell kids to find out what a makerbot is, or tell them to bring back a certain type of connector, etc. This way they can interact with the rest of the camp site, learn stuff, and have fun at the same time
  • Hey, go ahead, put your own ideas on the list!

(For inspiration, take a look at The HAR2009 FV kids program)


There are no professional day-care persons on duty, so every one is as responsible for their own offspring as you are anywhere else. If you want to chaperon or entertain the FV kids, please contact diggie or volunteer at the Family Village. We're not looking for party-clowns, but some help in building a treehouse or playing games etc. is very welcome!

Don't lose your kids

To make sure you don't lose your child, put your contact information on his/her arm. If you have found (or lost) a kid, please contact the info helpdesk.

Disaster management

If disaster strikes, someone gets hurt, or some other Bad Thing happens, please try to stay calm and contact the security team. They will provide first aid, help, coordinate and contact official emergency services if needed. They are located inside the Boshuis building.

In case of evacuation, get all children to hold hands (in a snake-fashion) and then leave as a group. Try to put an adult on both the start and end of this chain of kids. Unless otherwise stated, the evacuation collection point is the entrance area.

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