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Village:Hack in the random 2600 data rev42 box

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(aka the hackerspaces village)

Omdat we een Hack in the random 2600 box village @ har2009. Doen we dit natuurlijk over op eth0 camp \o/ Maar dan nog beter!

The village of 2600nl Randomdata Revspace Hack42 & Friends!

Who are we again?

  • a bunch of people who meet once a month in Utrecht
  • Some people who run hackerspaces in Utrecht & Den Haag & Arnhem
  • Some people trying to set a hackerspace up in Amsterdam
  • a bunch of people who want to do technical stuff, we build, we break, we create and we invent.
  • like to make pancakes in the morning. *hint* (watch out for gmc, have a morningtemper) (no zkyp :((()

What's there to do?

  • Lasercutting! (Makerbot!)
  • SolderingLab!
  • Doing cool stuff with arduino's!
  • A 2600nl wargame!
  • Playing guitar
  • socialising with fellow geeks!

The do not forget list!

I could bring a skottelbraai gas grill (even better than bbq). Does anyone have gas? Juerd 22:39, 7 August 2010 (CEST)

Who are coming?

Who When Likes to? Space/group?
DrWhax Whole event Break Things 2600nl/hSpace
Predjuh (MC) Right Now Be a KaasKop :X 2600nl
X4lt When Predjuh arrived Toettoettoet 2600nl
Fish_ May-be on 50% of the event.... Bring blinky.... Randomdata
Gmc whole event apply soldering iron to electronic parts Revspace
Moem whole event bring free books to the masses Hack42
Thursley whole event Steal your pen Randomdata
Phreak whole event Phreaking HITB
Elginno Whole event Write about hackers! Hspace/2600nl
Combuster whole event Brag about ancient hardware Randomdata
blokje whole event slack around Revspace
brainsmoke whole event ?!?! Revspace
praseodym Tuesday-Friday morning Drink beer and mate Revspace
Juerd whole event? unplug your tent Revspace
Ikarus whole event listen and hack Revspace
turiphro whole event tinker Revspace
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