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An idiopolis is a city of idiots, where weirdness, creativity, freaks, connectivity and the quality of life combine to create dynamic local madness.

In effect, idiopolis are cities where those who can choose where to hang out, choose to freak out.

2nd iteration

See Idiopolis²


Look for the 3 party tents full of idiots, between the fiber towers. :)


  • His (lack of social) Grace and Royal Majesty El Loupsey - the Wolfboy
  • Sir Biertie - the "boss"
  • Sir psy - the Mastah P in dah houzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Sir Gido-E - the No extra kewl info given
  • Jester buZz dancing the dual 2.4ghz boogywoogy in 32bit wonderland
  • Sir Meier - the absent
  • Sir Dreamer - the freaking awesome * Sir Weazle - the Uhhh doh *scratch* wikkid!
  • Sir Red_Devil - the Mr bier tank him self!
  • Sir CyBaH - the Stoney CyBaH!
  • Sir edsger - the visitorrrr
  • Sir frots - the knetter
  • Sir rootman - the HoaB elite
  • Sir tg - the psycer
Kite_cam ftw


Currently there is not yet a plan as with previous incarnations of the village.

Probably there will be some party-tents and tarps, but this all depends on transport considering the collaboration with HoaB.

Hacks and Services

Some projects featured in the village:

  • Buju - Evil tentacle-server
  • Kongsi - A new build server and package manager based on git
  • Uber marquee hax0rring contest: Hack our marquee by finding the ip adress and tcp port it listens on. (not yet started!) (but already hacked :) )
  • Kite_cam - Ducttape + cheapass camcorder + kite + wind = blurry indeed
  • Installing Linux on a Dead Badger - we may need to use weazle instead.

Eth-0 Services:

  • Telecom - For all your phoney stuff.
  • Loupsy's pimp-palace - Massaging the ladies (or hw-donors).
  • Switching: we provide the gigabit uplink for neighboring tents/villages.
  • Storage Listing of ftp-sites. Please add to the list.
  • Google SketchUp layout by Dreamer


As we are lightweight we're going to support Hackers on a Bike

An initiative to cruise around the dutch landscape with hardware strapped to your back and bike.


With a kilo of Wageningen's finest black powder, loupsay will again be demonstrating the true KISS way to making coffee.

This is something that no Unix nerd should ever be without.

in the past

Homefree 2008 2009

Join and create Eth0:2010 Summer Villages!

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