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Eth0:2012 Winter

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Event eth0:2012 winter
Name eth0:2012 winter
Duration 2012/01/13 - 2012/01/15
Information As usual, eth0 provides a weekend full of hacking, technology, idealism, coding, soldering 3d printers, lasercutters and other creative stuff to keep you occupied while being surrounded by everyone in the community.

* Location: Lievelde
* Open from: 18:00
* Ticket price: 45,-

Welcome back! As promised, 2nd week of January, not too close to congres, not too close to Fosdem, should be good to meet everyone again!

The theme for this years talks, design and thoughts is "censorship" in all its forms, its sources and solutions against it.

If you want to help out, submit a talk, organise a workshop or just have other general questions contact us at, or join us on irc, #eth0 on


More info about the workshops

Hardware hacking

Bring your soldering irons, components and insights! Because we will get busy on all kinds of hardware again. Microcontrollers, retro-gear and lasercutters.

LAOS laser-cutter project

Also present will be the LAOS project. They have been developing (open design) hardware and software to control basically any random type of laser-cutter. The open design entails it will be possible to develop open-source drivers for linux or even windows. This makes it possible to use software of your choice (eg. inkscape) instead of coreldraw or any of the other proprietary and very crappy vendor software.

During this winter event, the team from LAOS will be present with various controller boards and cutters, to further develop the software both on the controller board as well as on the controlling computer.

Saturday from 12:00 till 00:00 (and possibly also on sunday).

Retro fixing and breaking

There will be a bunch of retro hardware (game consoles and old home computers), part of which is probably still good to go after a little expert TLC and part of which is beyond repair and ready to be harvested and re-used. The fixed gear shall go back to the awesome retro collection, what will happen with the discarded components? Let's find something creative!

GSM hacking

Enough fun things to do with GSM. See the GSM hacking subpage for more information.

Useful info

How do I get there?


  • "Beusink recreatie"
  • Lievelderweg 106
  • 7137 MC Lievelde
  • Netherlands
  • lat 52.006251
  • long 6.590732

Go here:

By Train

  • Get yourselve a 16 euro day ticket if that helps: at
  • Travel to the train station, "Lichtenvoorde, Groenlo", most will need to pass Station Arnhem and Zutphen
  • Cross the tracks into Lievelde.
  • Keep walking (aprox 500m) till the end of the village, where you will find "Beusink recreatie" on your left.

By car

Use the satnav, it works as expected.

Wanna carpool ?

Where do I park

There's plenty of space around the building, most of it private road, parking places or concrete, so there should be no need for 4x4's this year.


All rooms have heating in the floors, are newly built, and should be plenty cozy for everyone.

You need to bring your own sleeping bag / pillow. (also, we don't have enough toothbrushes for everyone)

External Nomz

Reyna eetcafe, shoarma, pizzeria, grillroom

Dijkstraat 23

7131 DM Lichtenvoorde

0544 373747

UhrrllLLLLLolzz :



Shared rooms

The shared rooms are bunk bed style, with around 6 to 8 beds per room. There's plenty of hot showers and clean toilets (male / female) around the building.

1% rooms

All gone, sorry


We're interested in what you think about our event

Lost & Found