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Welcome to the eth0 Community Portal, which we will never reduce to an acronym. Here you'll find lots of cool stuff we pulled off in the past years and of course links to community pages such as the Marktplaats and community initiatives and Events.

Eth0 is part of a bigger picture; hackers, geeks and nerds in the Netherlands. There are Hackerspaces you can join, IRC networks to visit and all sorts of thing. The next big thing we're all involved in is Hack Square.

Join the community!

Everybody is welcome! Most of us hang out at IRC and use Hyves, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. We also use this wiki a lot when it comes to managing events.

New inventions, not old ones.
  • LackRack - The ultimate, low-cost, high shininess solution for your datacenter-in-the-living-room.
  • Broodje_ae-tab - Delicious noms including egg, chili sauce and bacon.
  • Various Events Slacking activities throughout .nl
  • Gazebo Colo - Temporary datacenter, premiered at Har2009
  • Vpenis - No matter the gender, your vpenis should be long
  • Coolness scale - Scientifically correct measuring of coolness
Shared stuffs

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