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Welcome to the eth0:2010 summer ScavHunt!

How it works

There are about 50 assignments you can carry out by yourself or with a group. For every assignment completed you'll be rewarded with a shiny achievement badge. Each achievement has an amount of points that will be added to your total. The person with the most points wins fabulous prizes.

Get started!

In order to join you need a wiki account. Fix that now if you don't have one yet! Go on, click the link at the right-hand top of the screen.


  1. Log in, and fix your profile page. Make sure you put your personal achievements on your profile page (see below)
  2. Pick a challenge you want to try to achieve
  3. Build, hack, or organize whatever it is that the achievement description states
  4. Find one of the judges to authorize your achievement and receive your points

Note: some achievements need a judge present at the time you are executing the challenge. These achievements are marked with a star (Supervisionrequiredstar.png)

Special stuff

There are some special rules:

  • Some challenges are better achieved working in a team. When this is the case, the awarded points are divided among the participating people.

Note: In order to work in a team, you have to register the team with a judge beforehand!

  • (Attempted) Cheating or bribing will make you lose all your bases points
  • The judges are always right. End of discussion :-)


The judges will determine whether or not you met the challenge. If they think you did well, the achievement will be awarded to you. Give them your wiki-username, and they will update your status on the wiki.

The judges are: Fugu, Will-Do, and diggie.

Judges must be treated as Gods at all times. Did I say that out loud? Hmm...


TweakNews is sponsoring some fabulous prizes for winners 1, 2 and 3.

  1. One year of TweakNews 60mbit with >300 days retention
  2. One year of TweakNews 20mbit with >300 days retention
  3. Six months of TweakNews 20mbit with >300 days retention

OMFG check out the assignments!!!!

<scavhunt output="achievementList" />

Sharing is caring! (or: how to put a list of your achievements on your profile page)

Proud of your achievements? Add the following tag to your userpage:

<scavhunt output="achievementByUser" username="YOUR_USERNAME_HERE" />

Example: <scavhunt output="achievementByUser" username="Tancaliel" />

OMG my latest achievements aren't showing up...

Then just add ?action=purge to the url to purge the cached version of the page.

This is information about the Eth0:2010 Summer Edition.